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Welcome to Treks Rite our intention is to give the prospective buyer enough information to guide them through the decisions they will need to make in order to be content with their purchase of the motorized bicycle they have chosen.

Why I Ride

When I was younger taking care of details was not my long suit I guess that’s why I got married 3 times. Because my wives always took care of the paper work or any thing that required tedious detail work.

One of my problems was showing up at court when I got a ticket so they always found me guilty by default and then put a warrant out for my arrest. After a few warrants were outstanding they suspended my drivers license. Of course I kept driving anyway because I’m hard headed.

After I retired, which I was forced to do at an early age for medical reasons I finally got the hint. Because if I didn’t I was going to end up in jail. So I sold my pickup, I knew as long as I owned a vehicle, drivers license or not I was going to drive it.

After about 10 years of walking I finally had enough but I didn’t have the money to take care of the traffic tickets,buying another vehicle, and paying for insurance so I bought a motorized bicycle.

After all you didn’t need a drivers license, insurance, or registration. Now that’s something I can afford. I only paid $250 for the bike. This seemed to be the perfect answer. It was perfect except for a couple of things.

The first one being there was no room for cargo so I made a set of saddle bags out of some leather I stripped off of an old leather couch we were discarding. Now I could at least carry groceries or some small articles I needed to haul. That took care of that problem.

The next problem was a little harder bit harder to take care of. You see my son is the one that introduced me to motorized bicycles. He likes to tinker with things so when I got the bike he naturally souped it up.

My bike would do about 70 miles an hour which is very very fast on a bicycle. That wasn’t the problem the problem was  it didn’t have the braking power to stop if something should happen too close.

Well that’s exactly what happened. Some lady pulled into a bank one day and stopped at the curb so she wouldn’t bounce her new S U V too hard. Mean while I was coming down the road, luckily I was only doing about 40 but I still couldn’t stop in time.

Wham ran right into the side of the damn thing. She said  she didn’t see me. That didn’t help with the damage to my bicycle or myself. I rode for a few years before that happened. But afterwards I put the bike in storage and bought a van.

Somebody broke into my storage unit stole everything I had including my motorized bike. My van broke down so now I’m on foot again. Until I get my van fixed.

That should’t take too long. You see I was a Plasterer before I retired and I know a mechanic that needs his house stuccoed so we are trading. He is going to fix my van and I’m going to stucco his house. Works out just right.

As soon as I get the money I’m buying another bike. I loved riding that bike it was fun besides being a lot cheaper to get around on.

When I got my first motor bike I knew nothing about them. After awhile I got pretty familiar with bicycles that had 2 stroke gas powered engines. But I still knew nothing about electric motors so I decided to learn.

Passing It On To You

Well i’ve learned quite a bit although my son still knows more. This being what it is It only made sense to pass along what I’ve learned. Also I convinced my son that it would be very gracious of him to  educate people looking to purchase a bicycle for themselves.

And that’s why we got into the motorized bicycle affiliate business. The more we can educate you or the public on the subject of motorized bikes the easier it will be for you to decide whether you want one or not.

Being able to make a well informed choice may influence enough people to decide to buy one. Eventually having an impact on our quality of air and other environmental factors possibly slowing down global warming and clearing up our atmosphere.

So you see the more we can help you and others the more we help ourselves and the next generation which will include our children and what ever descendants we may have.

Besides the better informed you are the better you will be able recognize quality workmanship and superior manufacturing. Making the possibility of you buying something from us more likely than not.

Our Goal

So we started Treks Rite giving us a place to educate the public on the advantages of owning and riding motorized bicycles. Also giving us a chance to earn a little money on something we’ve become well informed and authoritative about through years of experience and study.

So if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best.

Robert Garrison Sr.

At https://treksrite.com


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