Cheap Gas Powered Bicycles

Helio prebuilt motorbikeIf you’re looking for cheap gas powered bicycles you’re not alone. It seems they are becoming much more popular, which I can understand with the economy and the atmosphere being what they are.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and it’s become apparent that building your own is the cheapest way to go. You can buy completely built bikes from places like Helio Motorized Bikes, Umoto, Phatmoto.

But these bikes get a lot costlier. They’re a little like Ebikes which get up into the thousands. Of course these bikes also have frames that have the gas tanks hidden inside of the frame.Prebuilt gas powered bike

Not Cheap, Inexpensive.

The bicycles I’m talking about don’t look like this they’re not quite so sleek looking. Mostly because these bikes are DYI meaning you build them yourself.

First you pick out the engine kit you like and install it onto a bicycle you already own or one  you’ve bought from a supplier. This doesn’t mean they’re not of good quality it just means they don’t have to be the most expensive bicycle around.

You can pick up a motor from numerous places for instance Amazon has just about any kind of engine kit you can think of. These kits come with everything you need to adapt it to any 24 to 28 inch V framed bike that is strong enough to handle a motor.

They have 4 stroke motors that can be mounted on the back or in the middle of the bike but these are a little more expensive than the ones we’re talking about.

The motors I’m talking about are 2 stroke motors. In the 4 stroke motor you can burn regular gasoline. The 2 stroke motors burn fuel that is premixed with 2 stroke oil.2 stroke motor and adaters

There are many manufacturerers for these motors and you can find them in numerous places the one above is from Amazon.

2 stroke motors are from 49cc to 80cc and cost anywhere from $79 to $399 depending on what you want. I’ve even seen them priced to $645 for a 6 pack whatever that is. I tried to find what that was but couldn’t get enough information to find out.

There are many different brands of 2 stroke engines in fact there so many I couldn’t find out and believe me I tried. But it seems the most popular makers are Seeutek, BBR, Youngfly, GT6, Bgf, Raw Racer, Black Stallion, ad probably a hundred or so more.

The speed of these motors is anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour depending on what type of carburetor and exhaust. It also depends on the number of teeth you have on your back sprocket.

Up grades can be done to any part of the engine and the suspension even the brakes. The best way to discover what is possible is to ask a certified mechanic or dealer.

When choosing a bicycle frame you need to make sure it’s a v frame with a clearance of anywhere from 9 to 11 inches.

You can pick up the whole kit for between $350 to $399 that includes everything even the bicycle.

No Stone Unturned

As I was saying you can find bike motor kits all over the internet. One of the easiest ways is to log in and look in your Amazon app here you will find anything you need.

Ebay also has a great selection and you may even be able to get a coupon of some kind since Ebay does this frequentky.

The reason I’m writig this article is because like I believe I told you I used to ride a bicycle with a 2 stroke motor on it. In fact I had three of them two of which were stolen so I had to replace them.

Now the way I did this was by looking on the internet for someone selling theirs cheap. The first thing I did after finding someone and buying the bike was start looking for the cheapest way to upgrade.

Of course I had my son to help me out. Since I knew nothing about motorizing a bike. The only kind of bicycle I knew about were the ones I used to ride as a kid. I was a paperboy for about a year or so.

We got my last bike running real good it would do about 65 to 70 Miles per hour. Luckily I was only doing around 40 when a car pulled in front of me and stopped. I couldn’t stop in time and caught his rear tail light boy did that hurt.

I stuck the thing into storage still broken and then someone ripped me off for just about everything in it.

So I suggest if you’re going to ride get a helmet and all the safety equipment you need and don’t ride in thongs and shorts. Another thing don’t ride any faster than you are able to stop in a hurry.

All together I’d say it didn’t cost me more than $350 to get a good running bike together. All things considered thats pretty cheap. I think it’s possible for anyone to do the same thing. But you will have to look around for a good deal on a used bike someone else is selling.

Putting together a new one will probably cost a little more. However there are people in my town that will sell you a new bike completely assembled for the same price.

Having a bit more money will get you a real nice custom built bike. The first thing you better do if you get a bike is check out what the laws in your area are about riding. They’re different for every state and even change from city to city.

Riding a motorized bike is a good idea it will aleviate the problem with traffic jams and maybe even save the evironment if enough people decide to ride.

I reckon I’ve told you everything i can think of which probably isn’t everything you want to know. There is a lot ore written on the subject all you have to do is look it up on Google

I hope this article has convinced you that you can pick one up for a reasonable price and if you’re interested you might go through my affiliate link to do so.

About the only thing I have left to say is Happy Riding and welcome to the club. I’ll see you on the road or off of it.

Robert Garrison

Here is an affiliate link for Ebay please use it.

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