Custom Gas Powered Bicycles

Custom gas powered bicycles for the most part are a local phenomina. Meaning if you find a place that puts together custom bikes it’s usually a small shop working in the local neighborhood.Paperboy Special

But there a few companies that are nationwide and deal primarily online. I’ll try to give you a list of some of the most prominent.

Custom Means More Expensive

Let’s start where the search engines start and that would be with Helio, they have some pretty interesting styles. The bikes have their fuel tanks built right into the frame, kind of like a motorcycle.

The names they have are also kind of cool, which probably adds to their value.Helio Bikes

  • Supernatural  v2  EZM Powered Bike is the first bike I come to. It’s a 4 stroke motor which can be a Honda gxh 50 with 49 cc or a Chinese HS 142F. with an EZM gearbox. Standard options include Hydro front disc brakes. Aluminum Mag wheels, front suspension, Aluminum frame with tank welded inside frame. Custom rear sprocket setup, billet throttle. This bike will do 35 mph and get 150 mpg. Did I mention it will run you $2,149.9
  • Series 43 v2 EZM powered bike is the next on the list. It is set up pretty much like the first bike with a price tag at $ 1,699.99
  • They have a 2 stroke set up of  about the same at a price of $899.99
  • Helio Stealth v3 bike EZM is the next bike also being a 4 stroke motor with all of the same options as before but this bike is styled after a cafe racer so it is more sleek looking. This has a price tag of $ 1,849.99
  • Helio Stealth v3 bike 7g after that and it also is a cafe style racer with speeds of 40 mph getting 140+ mpg this bike holds a price tag of $1,349.99

Bikes Galore

Like I was saying there are a lot of custom bike builders out there but most of them are local. Here are some of those that are online and deliver nationwide.

  • Pedal Chopper- looks like a place for serious bike enthusiasts. They have gut a whole line of customized bikes plus PedalChopper art posters and T shirts. You can even sign up for a newsletter when you subscribe to their site. They advertise as “World Headquarters for the Schwinn Stingray Motorized Bike”.
  • U-Moto- is our next custom bike builder they have got some nice looking custom bikes they’re located in Tuscon, Arizona but it looks like they ship nationwide.
  • Dutchman Motorbikes- would be next on our list Dutchman has got a wide variety of custom bike themes all the way from cruisers to cafe racers They build some beautiful bikes you should check them out.
  • Phantom Bikes – is another custom bike builder they have got some unique designs you can find them online.

These are just a few of the custom bike builders that are available on the internet. The design and style of bike you want is out there. No matter what it is.

There are builders for three wheeled bikes and military style bikes. I’ve even seen a bike built that looks like a motor home or a travel trailer.

The feature picture for this article is made of fiberglass and is a paperboy special. Once you start fabricating builds out of fiberglass and mounting them on bicycle frames you can go just about anywhere you want to.

custom ride

Customize It Yourself

.Not finding what you want is no problem you can always go back to the old fashioned way and build it yourself.

There are so many custom parts suppliers out there you can find exactly what your’re looking for. The places that build the custom bikes also sells custom bike parts so you can build it yourself.

You can buy everything from frames with the gas tanks built right in them to custom gear boxes to special disc breaks for that fast stopping power.

Parts for building custom three wheeler or beach cruisers or even bikes built for two. Go from 1 wheel all the way to 4 wheels. Even build a bike with a sidecar if you want to.

And when you’ve got just the look and feel you want you can start custom building a bike trailer to haul cargo. I’ve seen a couple of trailers that look like travel trailers.

Some of them look big enough to almost live in, It doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve got an engine to do the grunt work.

You can build anything your mind can come with as long you don’t have to do all the peddling. You can build a trailer that looks like one of those old air streams. Now they were comfortable.

They even have places that will deliver bikes that are completely built for you except you have to stick on the handlebars and the seat. Everything else is already done.

And like with any bicycle build you can choose from 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines. You can even decide if you want front, rear, or mid drive engines. Which will make a lot difference how the bike drives and responds.

After All Of That

There are so many choices on how you can customize you own bike today that once you’re done nobody will have a bike that is exactly the same as yours.

After all of the design work and the fabricating and assembly are done you can start to work on the accessories. Maybe you want to add decorative lights under the bike so you get that great ground affect.

Add a speedometer or an odometer so you will know how fast or how far you’ve gone. Hell you could even add tail lights or break lights. That way if you’re in traffic the people around you will know what you have on your mind.

The possibilities are endless and you don’t need a drivers license or insurance in most states although you had better check the laws governing your particular state or area.

In my opinion riding a motorized bike is a no brainier as long as it’s not too far or the weather conditions permit. Just think you could help clean up the environment and save money at the same time.

I even see where they have hybrid bikes now that run on both gas and electric. Solar bicycles are even becoming a thing now.

So there definitely is a bicycle out there for everyone. Besides riding is a lot of fun and it keeps you physically fit.

If you have any opinions or questions please leave them in the comment box below and thank you for taking the time to read this article.




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