Electric Bicycles For Adults

Having a drivers license is a priviledge not to be taken lightly. Without a drivers license you could be in the same shape I was in for ten years. Believe me it’s an inconvenience. I got tired of walking so I looked into electric bicycles for adults.

Electric bicycles are a real trend lately they have become the go to method of transportation for anyone looking for a heathly, eco friendly way to get to school or work, actually anywhere within a 30 mile radius.Hot chick on e-bike

They’ve got over 120 models from over 40 different manufacturers so you know you’re going to find the right one just for you.

The first thing you should do is decide what type of rider you are. Do you go off road a lot? Then you’ll want either a mountain bike or a hunting bike or maybe even a fat tire ebike. These bikes go from on to off road with no problem.

Maybe you want a comfort E-bike, a commuting E-bike or even a folding E-bike just for riding around town. After that you’ll need to choose what size motor or how much power you’re going to need.

They’ve got 200w to 5000w power depending upon what you need then once you figure that out, wait, wait, wait. Let me see if I can break it down for you.

What Is An Electric Bike?

An electric bike is about the same as a traditional pedal powered bicycle in size, appearance and maneuverability. In fact they’re so popular nowadays you might have seen one and not even known it.

Although there is a ton of different styles of e-bikes today the main difference between e-bikes and traditional bicycles is that e-bikes operate with the help of two main components an electric powered motor and a battery.

It doesn’t matter if it’s run with a thumb throttle or pedelic ( a sensor that helps throttle your bike while you pedal ) the motor gives your bike power so your legs don’t have to.

Meanwhile, the  battery stores energy for your motor to extend your ride and excellerate the speed you’re riding at.

What Makes an E-bike Better Than A Traditinal Bike ?

Okay an e-bike cost a lot more than a traditional pedal bike but if you’re going to invest in a good bike it should make your life easier and still keep you in condition.

Electric bikes are a great form of exercise. Since an electric motor is designed to help pedal propulsion not replace it most of the movement the bike has comes from you. However the motor gives you a boost so you can go faster and farther than you could on a regular bicycle.

couple on tandem bike

That’s why they are so good for people with joint pains or other medical problems. Like when they’re going uphill or against a head wind or going the whole distance to work and back. The motor can be engaged and give them that extra boost needed to take the pressure off.

E-bikes usually sit more upright than traditional pedal bikes. Good for anyone with back or neck pains it decreases pressure on the wrists from not leaning forward and it gives you a better point of view so you don’t have to strain your neck looking around.

E-bikes are a little harder to steal than a traditional bike, Most e-bikes take a key to turn them on so it makes them harder to steal and they also have bikes that have removable batteries so you can take it with you when you park the bike. That makes it much harder to steal.

What Style Of Frame Is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing what kind of frame is right for you there is no one size fits all. There are three things to consider when choosing a frame.

1) What kind of riding you’re going to do. 2) Overall comfort for your size and weight. 3) Ease of mounting or dismounting the bike.

A.) There are plenty of frames for any style of riding.Sharp e-bike

I.Commuting  These are like road or city frames designed for going to work and back everyday. Light weight frames with narrow tires,they usually have extras like luggage racks with lights and reflectors for night time riding.

II. Cruising  These are like beach cruiser styled frames. Stylish and comfortable with an upright seated position, wide tires and swept back handlebars.

III. Fat Tire  Often referred to as off road or adventure bikes because they are built to be all-terrain with “Fat Tires” that are 4″ wide. These usually require oversized rear and front forks which makes the overall size of the bike bigger.The wider tires means they not only ride on paved roads but sand, snow and other rough terrains.

IV. Folding These frames are pretty basic and kind of small so they’re great for taking on vacation or if you have limited storage space. They usually have smaller tires 12″ – 16″ and a 1-3 bar frame that collapses or folds in half.

V. Mountain These are triangle frames slightly sloped downward to the crossbar. Built to go on rough terrains heavier than commuter or cruiser frames with a heavier duty suspension to absorb the shocks of rougher roads. They usually have straight across handlebars so you have to lean into them.

VI.  Moped E-bikes  These look like bulkier scooters or mopeds. quickly becoming more popular with people looking to replace their car with an electric vehicle. They’re kind of a cross between e-bikes and regular mopeds with a large padded seat and able to carry passengers and turn signals.


VII. Comfort-E-bike These frames are a little funky looking. They sort of look like a step through cruiser mixed with a recumbant bike. For somebody looking for a more comfortable form of transportation with a more upright style that won’t put extra stress on your body.

VIII. E-Trikes There are a lot of three wheel styles from the big wheel to the cruiser 2 wheels in the rear style. Although not as common as some other bike frames trikes are great for riders seeking a more stable ride with electric power.

b.) Determining a bikes comfort for your overall height and weight. To make sure it fits you, you need to figure out what size  frame best fits you. this is done by measuring your inseam. The right size should be about .65 times your inseam.

c.) How easy is mounting and dismounting ? Here’s where we compare a stepthrough to a triangle frame. We used to call them a girls bike or a boys bike. Which is easier to ride since they both can be ridden by a man or a woman. It’s just a matter of preference.

Remember riding an e-bike should make things easier for the rider so if you’re struggling to get on or off it’s probably the wrong size

How To Choose The Right Drivetrain.

The drivetrain of an e-bike refers to the parts that provide power and torque to the wheels. The typical drivetrain  has a chain or a belt, some kind of gearing system and a sprocket.

a.) Gearing Systems There are three kinds of gearing systems.e-bike drive train

I. Single Speed Gear  These are cheaper,simpler,lighter but also less efficient. Single speed gears are better for short distances on flat roads.

II. Internal Gearing Systems  These gears are all contained in the hub so they’re protected from mud or anything else that could possibly jam up the gears. They are also very low maintenance which makes them good for cruising but not for high stress.

III. Multi-Speed derailleur system  This makes it possible to change gears by shifting the chain between different sized sprockets. Most have front and back operation which gives you more gears to choose from. Making it better for different kinds of terrain and up and down sharp inclines.

b.) Belts and Chains The difference between these will determine what kind of gearing and how much maintenance you will have.

I. A belt drive system is usually lighter with lower maintenance that’s why they are used on folding bikes. The belts are made of a continuous loop of carbon fiber and tinsel cord. They usually last twice as long as a chain system and since they don’t require lubrication there are no metal parts so they won’t rust.

But they only work with single speed or internal gear systems since the belt can’t be shifted onto different tracks.

II. Chain Drive Systems  Chain drive is still more common than belt drive.So they are easier to service and replace but the main reason is they can be used with a multi gear derail system. However chains can rust and they stretch after prolonged use.

Comparing Electric Bike Wattage – How much power do you need?

1.) What kind of riding do you do? If you’re going mountain bike riding up and down steep hills you’re going to need more power than a cruiser running around on level streets. So you’ll need more wattage.

2.) Weight of the ride. By that we mean what kind of weight  including you the frame and whatever else you may be carrying. Trying to go uphill with too small of wattage will over work your motor and maybe burn it out.

What Difference Does Battery Voltage And Amp Hours Make?

When considering battery voltage it may help to think of it as horse power the more voltage you have the more horse power. Most batteries are between 224 and 48 volts so they are not too expensive.e-bike battery

The Amp hour rating is like describing how big your gas tank is. It’s storage capacity and determines how far you can go.

Watt hours is the amount of energy in the battery which is the voltage times the amps equals watt hours.

How does watt hour determine the best motor for you? The watt hour will tell you how many watts the setup is capable of using so you’ve got the most efficient system.

Choosing a Battery- Lithium versus Lead- Acid. They both have their advantages and disadvantages

a.) Lead-Acid Batteries  Advantages) They are much cheaper than Lithium which can make a big difference in the price of the bicycle. They also have a high power output potential so they are more popular with high power electric bikes. Disadvantages) They are much heavier than Lithium and they only have a lifespan of 100-200 recharge cycles which is about 10% of what you’d expect from a Lithium battery.b

b.) Lithium Batteries Advantages) The small size of lithium batteries help keep the weight evenly distributed. Some lithium batteries are projected to travel 100+ miles. They also have an average cycle life of 500 to 1000 charges. Disadvantages) The only disadvantage is the cost they are much more expensive than lead-acid batteries.

E-Bike Wheels – What Size Will Suit You Best?

a.) Small Wheels 16″ Wheels of 16″ are usually for childrens bikes or folding bikes they are lighter and take up less space. But because they are small they don’t deal with the bumps and obstacles as well as larger wheels.

b.) Medium Wheels 20″  These are more popular than smaller wheels but still being small they are more maneuverable and easier to accelerate. But they are not as comfortable as larger wheels.

c.) Larger Wheels 26″ These are by far the most popular choice having a lower angle of attack means obstacles seem much smaller how ever they don’t accelerate as easily as smaller tires but they take less energy to maintain a constant speed e-bike size comparison

The down side of 26″ wheels is they require a longer wheelbase which makes them less maneuverable than a 20″ wheel.

Well that just about covers it. Do you know any more now than you did before I started this article?

Please comment ,Like and share I will answer any questions you may have as soon as possible.

Motorized bicycles are one way we can start to clean up the air and planet. They will also help relieve the traffic problem we have if everyone that has the opportunity to ride them back and forth to work does so.



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