Electric Motor Bike Kits

When you decide to convert your bike to a motorized version and you want to do it the easy way you’ll be looking for electric motor bike kits because they are easier to convert than gas bikes.factory assembled Ebike

What’s It For ?

The first thing you will need to do is decide what you intend to do with the bike?

Are you going to be riding the bike a long way or is it just for short trips. Do you plan on assisted peddling or do you want the bike to do all the peddling?mid drive motor

Is it a flat smooth surface or are you going to be peddling up hill or maybe on an offload surface? How far are you planning to ride short or long?

All of these things need to be taken into consideration. It will make a great deal of difference to the number of amps you will need.

You Have A Few Choices

One of the most integral components on any e bike is the motor. A motor needs to be designed correctly in order to propel an electric bicycle efficiently.

Similar to a car, an e bike motor can be mounted at the front, middle, or the rear of the bike and is offered in all shapes and sizes.

The most popular types of motors found on e bikes are hub and mid-drive motors. Hub motors generally have two variations, a geared hub motor or a direct drive motor.hub motor

Most electric bike conversions are done direct drive by either adding the motor to the front or back in the form of a motor driven wheel.

I believe these are the easiest way to convert all you have to do is change the wheel out for a wheel with a motor in the hub.

https://youtu.be/vnBVXULCjSYhub drive front wheel

The mid drive motor has a better balance but is more difficult to convert and it includes using the chain which tends to cause wear and tear on the chain.

mid drive motor

Either way putting an electric motor on your bike is great if you have a long way to ride or if you need help with the peddling because you’re going up an incline or you just don’t feel like peddling all the way to where you’re going this will give you the assist you need.

Once you’ve decided what kind of power you need and picked your engine size and you’ve decided whether you want hub drive or mid drive. It’s time to buy your kit.

Paying The Right Price

There are thousands of places to buy electric motor bike conversion kits so the one thing left to consider is where can you get a good price .

The first place I might try to look would probably be Amazon. Amazon has a pretty wide selection of these type of kits.Image of Amazon storefront

For a 26-inch front wheel conversion be sure you check that you’re buying the right size front wheel by that I mean the width of the tire be sure to get the same size that is already on the bike or you may not be happy with what goes with the kit.

Buying a kit with a fat tire may not fit with your bike style and be too wide to go between the front forks and a tire too thin would be just as bad.

For a front wheel conversion at Amazon you’ll end up paying between $175 – to $225 depending on what company manufactures the kit.

The rear wheel kit will cost you a little more starting at about $240 because you’ve got to consider there is also a chain involved so you will need the wheel to have a sprocket.

For a mid drive kit I see you may end up paying as much as $452 which is quite a bit more expensive.

EBay also has E bike kits which will run anywhere from $130 to about $240 for a front or rear wheel kit.EBay Banner

A mid drive will run from $730 to $775 depending on your motor size.

There are plenty of other places to get an E bike conversion kit places like Bikeberry.com and dillingerelectricbikes.com or hi-powercycles.com.

But no matter where you go to get your kit electric bicycles are a real trend right now and I think they are a good idea.

Besides helping us to clean up the atmosphere they will also relieve the city streets of some congestion from too many cars on the road.

That is if we can get enough people to give up their cars for those everyday trips back and forth to work or that occasional trip to the local store.

If, you need to carry cargo you can always convert a three wheeled bike or just add saddle bags to your regular bike or for the right price you can even pick a trailer to pull behind your bike.

Since you’re not having to do all the peddling yourself pulling a trailer will be no big deal. I think every family should have at least one electric bike for those small jaunts back and forth.

Everybody trying it that way would surely have an impact on our environment and a release of pressure on our roadways.

All things considered having and riding an electric bike is a very good idea. I feel a bit like Smokey the bear when he says only you can prevent forest fires. Remember how crucial it is to clean up our environment and you may consider getting an electric bike.

I’ve given you a few reasons for riding an electric bike you should check out some of the other options you may have in electric bikes.

If, you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below thank you.




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