Gas Powered Bicycles

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Not having a drivers license or a vehicle for the past ten or fifteen years has been real inconvenient. So I went to extremes and started looking for gas powered bicycles sales  My friend and I looked for about a week before we found one to look at.

It cost $250 to pick it up from someone on the internet. After I had it for a while and got used to riding. I noticed that the bike was slowing down, it wasn’t running as well as when I first acquired it.

These bicycles vibrate an awful lot and every screw and nut or anything else that needs to be tightened down eventually works it’s self loose. That means from the tip of the handle bars to the clamp that holds the muffler on.

Build A Motorized Bicycle

It feels like you’re always working on your bike, constantly tightening and adjusting parts that are threatening to fall off. Even the spark plug needs to be screwed back in about every other day. The chain is always needing to be tightened or the shifters are coming loose and require work80cc power kit for bike

After some time I figured out that I had better learn how to rebuild and repair the things that were falling apart..Otherwise I would be paying someone to do the work continually.

There are so many resources for gas powered bicycle kits that you can find them everywhere with no problem. My bike had an 80cc motor on it. Which is a little too large according to the law.

This of course is a two stroke motor. They’re the largest size you can get in a two stroke, for bicycles anyway. The legal size limit is 6occ I believe. But this wasn’t fast enough for me.

I started looking for a 4 stroke motor. For one thing with a four stroke You don’t have to mix oil in your gas tank. And they do deliver more power for a faster ride. However they are more expensive and harder to adapt to a bicycle.

Changing The Size Of Your Sprocket

One way to get more speed is to change the size of your sprocket. The smaller the back sprocket is the faster your bike will go. Trying to find a sprocket with less teeth isn’t really difficult. But all of the adjustments are different because you have to make the chain shorter to fit the bike.Photo of bike chain and sprocket

You can also change the settings of the carburetor to use more or less air or gas to up the power. You can also adjust the exhaust for more seed.

The way your bicycle runs depends on a lot of things. You don’t want too much power because the braking systems on those bicycles aren’t designed to stop a vehicle moving too fast.

That’s what happened to mine. My son tweaked my bike and it would do about 70 miles an hour. That’s damn quick on a bicycle,they’re not meant to travel that fast. And when some lady stopped in front of me on the side walk so she wouldn’t scrape her car over the curb.

Well needless to say I wasn’t ready and ran right into the side of her brand new SUV. I was so glad I completely took out her rear tail light and turn signal.

After all if she had been paying attention she would have seen I was coming and there was no way I could stop in such a short distance.

Electric Powered Bicycles

Gas motors are not the only way to power a bicycle. Recently they have applied some new technology to powering a bike.

The new electric motors they are using have plenty of power to make your bike fast enough to get you there. One of the old problems was having enough battery power to keep you on the road. But with the new batteries they have like the lithium and titanium batteries it doesn’t take long to recharge the new batteries either. There are all kinds of configurations for adapting the new motors for bicycle power and they are getting more clever every day.

.This Is A Photo OF An Electric Bicycle

You can run your bike all day without running out of power and What’s With The Cargo Space

As far as cargo goes your carrying capacity is next to nil. It’s not like a car or a pick up there is no trunk, back seat or even a pickup bed.

With a back cargo rack and a set of saddle bags maybe a front basket you can at least bring home some groceries or small amounts of cargo. Then going out and getting a small trailer to pull behind you really can get quite a bit of stuff on your vehicle.

Bicycles aren’t equipped like motorcycles. You’ll have to make sure you have headlights and tail lights. Probably a rear view mirror and a noise maker of some kind like a horn to let people know you’re there. Wearing a helmet looks silly but it could save your life.

Then there is the problem of getting off your bike to go inside of a store or somewhere you have to leave the bike unattended. Having it stolen is a big risk so you will have to find a way to lock it up when it’s unattended.

Locks, Chains, And an Alarm

The audacity of crooks these days. You will need a good lock and chain. One that can’t be cut or chopped or opened with ease. I know there is no way to burglar proof your property no matter how much you pay for a lock and chain.Image of Bicycle Chain, Lock, and Alarm

If crooks want it they will get it. All the locks and chains are only going to deter honest people a crool will find a way.

I recommend buying yourself a good alarm. One that goes off from movement and is ear splitting so you can hear it from a distance.

Bicycles may be a little inconvenient but the money you can save in gas and the fact that you don’t need to have a drivers license really makes it a life saver.

Just remember to wear protective clothing because road rash is very uncomfortable. All in all I found it a great alternative to walking and a lot faster.

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