This article has affiliate links if you click on one of these links and purchase something I will make a commission but this will cost you nothing the commission will be paid by the creator of the product. has got some really sweet deals on motorized bicycles. As a matter of fact they have got almost anything you need to make a motorized bike your number 1 means of transportation for those small trips back and forth to the store.

The streets are getting awful crowded nowadays the freeways are backed up every morning it sometimes takes longer to get anywhere on the freeway than it would if you were to walk back and forth to work.

I know what you’re thinking riding a bike is for kids. That’s just not true more and more adults have figured out that their daily commute is polluting the air to the point of creating global warming and that cleaning up the environment should rank very highly on their list of things to do.

If your work place is close to where you live wouldn’t it be easier to jump on your bike and ride than to get in line with all of that other traffic and wait to get on the freeway.

Working downtown is frustrating trying to buck all of that traffic to and from and then when you get there finding a place to park is ridiculous you sometimes have to walk a half mile to get to your office. With a bicycle you can park right in front of your office all you have to do lock it up when you park.

The money you save on gasoline alone is going to pay for your lunch every day. Bicycles are becoming the number one alternative to driving to work everyday they help the environment and they also give you enough exercise to keep you healthy.

The more you ride your bike the better shape you’ll be in and that’s going to make you feel younger. You may not only save the planet but you’ll also reverse the aging process. Staying young is the goal of every person I know of past the age of 30.

Motorized Bikes

GasBike has a great selection of bikes Phatmoto is their premier product with wide variety of colors and all at a good price. Phatmoto has the gas tank built right into the frame so you don’t have to worry about the vibration causing the tank to leak.

With the 79cc engine you’ll have enough power to get you there quickly over almost any terrain on or off-road. Hills are no problem either plenty of power for that.

They’ve also got bikes for a cheaper price like.

  • Jet 66cc/80cc
  • Black Stallion 66cc/80cc
  • Raw Racer 80cc/100cc
  • GT5 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc
  • Raw Racer 66cc
  • Monster 90 79cc
  • Silver Slant 66cc/80cc
  • Ghost Racer 7G T-Belt Drive V-Mount Special Edition
  • GT6 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc with upgraded NT carburetor
  • GasBike Racer Chain Drive
  • Black Hawk 66cc/80cc

They also have a number of other styles like Trikes but due to high demand they are unavailable right now although if you want to build it yourself they have all the kits ready to send to you.

Engine Kits

They have all the engine kits for these bikes and more anywhere from $99.00 up to $379.00 two-stroke and four stroke kits. Comes with everything you need to put them to use. Motors for regular bikes and for trikes when you need that extra cargo space.

They’ve even got belt drive and pro racing kits for when you need that extra power or you’re building it to race.

All the spare parts and racing parts have their own categories to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.


The things you need to be comfortable and safe are also available on the inside of their web page things like.

  • Apparel
  • Bags & Baskets
  • Beverages
  • Bike Horns & Lights
  • Locks
  • Cameras & Music Players
  • Helmets
  • Mounts & Holders
  • Speedometers & Timers
  • Tools
  • Turn Signals

And a thousand other things that you may be looking for. is your one stop shopping store for anything related to motorized biking and they are always open with no waiting in line to get someone to help you or to pay for what you’ve decided to buy.

So I suggest you head on over to and see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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