Motorized Bikes and Things

Motorized Bikes and Things what a catchy title the reason I called this article that is that I just came across this great place that not only has about everything you’ll need for motorized bicycles like motors if you want to build your own.

To any kind of aftermarket parts you may want to add to spruce up or personalize your ride so like always you’ll stand out in a crowd. I mean the better your bike runs and the better it looks the more proud you can be that it’s yours.   

Besides that you may want to add parts that make it more convenient or easier to ride like mirrors so you can see behind without having to turn your head to look. That can be real inconvenient at times like when your on a busy street or trying to cross a busy street and there are obstacles in front of you.

You may even want to add something to increase your cargo space on those occasions when you’re going to the store for grocery’s or you have something too large to carry on your lap or in your hands.

And lights are always something you’re going to need and if you’re a bit geeky you may even want to hook up a horn so you can give people hell if you want to.

Any how there are hundreds of ways to change things on your bike to improve or personalize it. Some of them are even necessary.

That alone would be reason enough to write this article because you need to stay informed.

However the reason I’m writing this article is that the place I’ve found has got so much more in fact they have probably got just about anything you could be looking for and at a great price.

The name of this place is SaferWholesale and they’ve got everything. You can tell that by the categories they have at the top of they’re sales page.

  • Motor Sports
  • Home and Garden
  • Fitness Equip.
  • Electronics
  • Personal Care
  • Hobbies, Games and Toys
  • Green Product

That looks to me like they’ve got it all covered except groceries but after all they have to leave something for someone else.

What I’m trying to say is if there is anything you are looking for you might want to try here first because it’s all at wholesale prices.

They might even have something you can’t find anywhere else, at least at a decent price. The reason I’ve added them to my affiliate program because here at Treks Rite we want to make sure you have everything you may need to get you out on the streets and enjoying those great summer days we all love so much.

Personally I live in Phoenix Arizona and the best time to go riding here is in the spring, and fall. It gets a little warm around here to go out in the mid day sun but the mornings and early evenings are great.

I guess that’s why we have so many snowbirds here every year.

Just remember if you’re looking for a good deal on a motorized bike or you’re trying to build your own you don’t have to look any further than Treks Rite. By the way we can hook you up with electric bikes and electric bike build kits also we have connections to em all.   

So cruise around the website and take your time to check what we have to offer I think you’ll be surprised. If there is something you’re looking for and you can’t find it please be sure to contact us through email or give us a call and we’ll do what we can to rectify the situation.

The email address is and my personal number is 1-623-312-7469 we’ll be waiting for your call.

This article has affiliate links if you click on these and buy something I will make a commission but it will cost you nothing extra this will be paid by the product manufacturer.

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