Pedal Assist vs Throttle Electric

You want to get an electric bike because you live close to where you work and you’re tired of looking for a place to park. The only question is what kind ? When considering this the first thing you need to think about is the terrain and the riding conditions then you’ll think pedal assist vs throttle electric.

Two Types Of Power Control

There are two different ways you can control the power of the electric motor that will propel your bicycle down the road. The first one we’ll talk about is Throttle control.

An e-bike with throttle control works like a motorcycle, the controls are usually found on the handle bars. To engage the throttle you simply twist the handle grip, and the bike will accelerate. Let go of the throttle, and the bike will stop.

Some bikes use a thumb throttle, which requires pushing the throttle button to engage the motor.

A throttle can be a great option to have and enhances the e-bike experience. Instead of needing to pedal to to increase power, a throttle gives you a boost on demand, which can really come in handy in some situations. Like moving uphill or maneuvering around obstacles. Also when you need to, hurry through an intersection, or catch up to your companion riders.

Also, if you find yourself unable to pedal for some reason or if you need a quick break, a throttle provides relief.A throttle gives you more power and control, and it makes biking less intimidating.

Even though a throttle is a useful feature, not all electric bikes come with a throttle. At Juiced Bikes they wanted to create the best e-bike experience possible for all kinds of riders. For that reason, all of their bikes include a throttle and pedal assist.

Most of their bikes feature advanced torque sensors to give you more power the harder you pedal.

The second type is pedal assist, which only provides power when you push the pedal and engage the motor. With pedal assist, you can choose the your preferred level of assistance. Most bikes have three to five levels of assist, ranging from high to low. With pedal assist will kick in as you pedal, depending on the level of assistance you set it at.

For example, if you set it at a low setting, you’ll experience a little assistance while you pedal harder and get a workout. A high setting, will get you where you need to go quickly with a lot less effort than a low setting.

There are two basic types of pedal assist Cadence Sensor  which measures if you are pedaling, Torque Sensor that measures how hard you are pedaling.

Most e-bikes come with a cadence sensor because it’s an inexpensive way to get some sort of pedal assist on the bike. Higher end bikes come with the more advanced torque sensor which measures the amount of force you exert on the pedal and adjusts the amount of power you get from the motor.

You will definitely feel the difference between the two the torque sensor makes it feel like the bike is weightless.

Juiced Bike Evolution

Juiced bikes was originally established as an importer of lithium-ion batteries in 2009 by Tora Harris a 2004 olympian in the high jump field. Then in 2010 started designing e-bikes they are based out of San Diego.

Setting performance standards for Range, Quality, Durability, Affordability, and service support for the electric bike industry.

The people at Juiced Bikes are performance obsessed thrill seekers, who believe in the power of riding faster and farther by maximizing the efficiency of every mile traveled.

After much research and innovation Juiced Bikes has come up with quite a line of products, the e-bikes have their own unique style each custom designed for it’s particular purpose.

Here let me run it down for you.this will be the Fat Tire E-Bike Line

  • RipCurrent (Fun, practical and super high value perfect for your first e-bike)
  • RipCurrent S (Fully Loaded and ready for any job)
  • HyperFat 1100 (The fat tire platform taken to it’s illogical limits)

Next is Sport Commuter E-Bike

  • CrossCurrent X (new gold standard for high performance commuters with advanced 52V battery)
  • CrossCurrent S2 (the best selling CCS is now upgraded with 52V battery)


Then comes the Scrambler E-Bike Line

  • CampScrambler (on or off road anywhere you want to go)
  • CityScrambler (built off of 750 W  “Mag Wheels” and slick road tires)          
  • HyperScrambler (is next level with 1,100 watts and 19 AH of power)

And finally we have the Scorpion Line

  • Scorpion (a stylish and efficient moped-style-e=bike)
  • HyperScorpion (if you’re looking for the ultimate in speed, power, and range}

They also have a folding e-scooter the Electisan F350


Besides all of that they have  a page or four full of accessories like Gear, Bags, Helmets, Racks, Security and tools.

And they have the parts you’ll need to maintain or improve your bike, parts like Batteries, Chargers, Fenders, Lights anything electrical or mechanical.

On the Juice Bike website they’ve got guides, stats and any kind of information you might be interested in they’ve even got ways you can finance your new bike.

So, if you’re looking to buy an e-bike or accessories or, if you just want to know more about e-bikes and anything having to do with them I suggest you hit this (link) and head on over there to check it out.

You may as well start at the top of the industry and work your way down to find out what you’ve been missing.





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